AQZ in brief

Aqualab Zuid is a Dutch accredited water laboratory with 140 employees. We are proud of our vital role in monitoring the quality of drinking water for approximately six million people in the southern part of the Netherlands. We take water samples, analyse them in our own laboratory and provide expert advice.
In this way we serve our clients from A to Z.

For periodic sampling, we put together the measuring program in such a way that each measuring moment optimally matches the processes within your company. For one-off analyses or situations where clarity is required quickly, we carry out sampling and testing rapidly.


You can count on reliable and professional sampling from our field service. We take the water samples under quality assurance and transport them in a controlled environment to our laboratory, located in Werkendam, the Netherlands.

We can even take samples below the water surface, carried out by our certified diving team.


In our laboratory we carry out (legally required) chemical and biological tests for drinking water companies, hospitals, swimming pool complexes, the chemical and food industries etc. Our passionate technicians research drinking water, swimming water, groundwater, process water, surface water and (drinking water) chemicals with great accuracy.


Our clients can not only count on clear and fast reporting, but also on tailor-made advice from our specialists. The advisors of our Expertise Group are familiair with technical developments, changes in (drinking water) standards in legislation and regulations and investigate known and unknown substances.

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